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Bringing ultra-violet bullets to a werewolf fight

Went to see Underworld Evolution with madduckdes last night, and _i_ thought it was pretty good for a vampires beat up werewolves (and vice versa) movie :)

My biggest complaint is the frickin marketers who seem convinced that if you're interested in an actiony vampire and werewolf movie then of _course_ you must also be interested in zombie/ghost horror movies *hides from trailers* Although it was interesting that i'd somehow missed until now that a Silent Hill movie was being made. The only trailer that looked interesting to me was for a movie called "UltraViolet." The plot was "experiments in genetic modification have caused an outbreak of action scenes which must be combated by the cute protagonist." Well, something like that anyways :) But it sounds like it has possibilities to me :)

The only non-spoilery thing i want to say about the movie is that they seem to have changed their history around a bit since the first movie. Not a huge deal but something you have to be willing to accept.

One of the minor cool bits i liked was how michael adapted to being a werewolf (well, abomination, whatever.) He jumped pretty quickly into the whole super-duper combat mode, but what interested me more was the variety of mundane tasks he used his strength and partial-morphing for. _Everyone_ thinks "if i had super powers i'd kick the crap out of people," but who thinks "if i had super powers i'd open cans of paint with my bare hands"? :)

I was a little disapointed with the lack of large scale combat, or really large scale anything. Other than the intro part of the movie in the 13th century there weren't a _lot_ of supernatural people around. It made things seem a little lonely. And making the coven elders all 2nd and maybe 3rd gen kind of reduced the legendary feel to their history a bit. It's just not quite as impressive to meet Caine if your sire grew up with him =P

The anime-geek part of me is kind of upset that they did so little to show off Selene's increased powers at the end, the storytelling part of me appreciates that they kept it rather subtle, not sure where the balance lies.

And yes, when they were loading all the ultra-violet rounds i was thinking at the time, you _do_ know there's this kick-ass werewolf where you're going, right?

But anyways i thought it was fun, and if there's anyone else in the area interested in going to see it i wouldn't mind tagging along again :)

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