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Hmmm, perhaps staying up till 9am playing Civ4 was not the wisest thing :) Perhaps i should take another nap but i don't really feel like it. Should clean apartment, should do laundry, should go into work. Blah blah blah.

I won the Quick game i was playing around 3am. I won in 2043 by spaceship launch, and ironically there were only two techs i hadn't researched yet, fascism... and flight :) I _should_ have gone to bed then, however made the mistake of deciding to try out a One City Challenge on Warlord, just to start it out you know, and then go to bed :) My city ended up being really impressive but i ended up losing the space race by about 18 turns =P At 9am =P It was also just about the most uneventful game ever.

I decided to do some min-maxing since i was working on my Amber mod anyways. I gave the Amberites Hunting and Mysticism, the first because starting out with a scout is damn good, the second cause if you want to get a religion Mysticism is great. I was debating which traits would be most appropriate for Corwin and Merlin, but ended up going with what semed like the most productive. The forum posts i've been reading seem to indicate the Philisophical and Financial are an unholy combination, which is why no leader with those traits was included. So of course i gave them to Corwin, which is actually kind of appropriate :) Personally i like industrious, cause i like having wonders :) And i figured i could use lots of great leaders to good effect so i gave Merlin industrious and philisophical and decided to use him for the OCC.

The first game just looked like a mediocre spot to start on so i restarted immediatly. The second one i was right next to a little L shaped nook of three hills with a river winding around them, with a food resource to the north _and_ gems to the east. I'd been kinda hoping for a quary for wonder building but gems aren't bad.

I sent my first scout wandering and built a second one and sent him off in the other dirrection. They found a fair number of goody huts, mostly gold but i did get two techs out of it, woot. Meanwhile i decided to be risky and try to get Buddhism. I reasigned my workers (er, or whatever you call it when you change which tiles you're exploting in the city view) so i was working the gems to boost my research and got Buddhism by a comfortable margin. Then i figured what the hell, why not try for Hinduism as well? Got that. Then i was just one step away from Judaism... and you can see where this is going :)

I did take breaks to research other things obviously, but i ended up founding every single religion, all in the same city. Which gave me a really "bright" idea. If i control all the religions, i can determine the behavior of the other civs. I've had problems in earlier games where some agressive civ had a different religion than me and it totally spoiled our relations. Since i was playing OOC i kinda wanted to avoid any wars. So as soon as i could i started sending out Buddhist missionaries. I'd send them to other capitals and as soon as the religion was founded there the leader would convert as well.

This was great for me, because everyone ended up being Buddhist, so they all liked me. Unfortunatly it also meant they all liked each other. At one point Hinduism or Judaism escaped on its own and the germans converted briefly, at which point they started fighting with people. However they were right next to me so i sent out some more missionaries to their cities and once enough of them were Buddhist they flipped back again and the wars petered out.

I didn't end up getting all the wonders, but i certainly got a lot of them. I did reasonably well in tech but about midgame the computer civs started pulling ahead. I had some problems with getting access to resources since i only had one city, but there wasn't anything i was really desperate to build since i wasn't going to war. I did trade for iron and coal for the Ironworks, and later aluminium for building spaceship parts. Interestingly if you actually select the OOC option from the custom menu it apparnetly turns off all limitations on National Wonders. I wish i'd realised that earlier because i was saving the two spots for Ironworks and Oxford University. Then after i finished those i was surprised to see that i could still build Wall Street, then i built the Globe Theatre, etc. I _really_ wish i'd known that ahead of time cause i would have done things a bit differently.

The big problem with OOC of course is, how do you win? Winning by military victory isn't impossible, but it's damn difficult. Winning by culture _is_ impossible, since you need three cities with 50,000 culture. At the end of the game i had one city that was over 150,000 culture, that so shoukd have counted :) There was a big purple circle in the middle of the map that no one else could build in, the other three or four people trapped on that half of the continent must have been really pissed at me, especially when my borders started pushing them off of resources :)

It's really too bad you can't buy victory, but the designers specifically made sure that wasn't possible. You can't rush spaceship parts, they aren't considered a "building or unit." =P Since i founded all the religions i built all seven money making religious wonders in Amber. There was a very brief period near the begining where i started running out of money, but after that i was running 100% tech the whole way through, any near the end i was getting more than 200 gold a turn. When i realized i was not doing too well in the space race i started trying to get the other civs to fight, but they'd all been friends for too long because of the shared religion. I paid the egyptians (who were the ones who ended up winning i believe, them or the arabians) 13,000 gold to go fight the Greeks since they were the only ones who were even considering fighting. Unfortunatly the greeks were in 3rd or 4th place and the arabians were between the two of them so not a whole lot of actual fighting went on. I'd be upset about the waste of cash except that i had nothing else to do with it.

I realized rather later than i should have that it was going to come down to a space victory. Both score and UN votes are based in large part upon your population size, so i didn't have a prayer of winning either one of those victories. It was rather a shock when i first realized i couldn't buy spaceship parts, which is when i started beelining for the appropriate techs and trying to get the others to fight. Unfortunatly i was a little behind by that point and had no opportunity to catch up. I had 12 turns left on the tech for the last piece when the egyptians launched =P Of course there were only 6 or 7 turns left in the game at that point so it wouldn't have mattered anyways.

The end game map run through was really kind of... boring :) Everyone started expanding, and it was cool to see the big bubble of my culture form, but after everyone hit their boundaries they just... stayed there for the next five hundred years, ie the last 50-75% of the game.

So if i try that again i should either not bother with the religion thing or purposefully spread conflicting religions. I can make the people close to me my friends and make the people far away duke it out. The people close to me will be rather crippled by my cultural radius anyways so its okay if they don't fight much. I clearly need to start planning for a spacerace much earlier. Being able to build only one spaceship part at a time is a big bottleneck that i need to account for. And if i _do_ do the religion thing i need to start rushing wonders and such a lot sooner so that i actually get a good use out of my money.

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