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When i left for the conference this morning there was a greyish cat on the stairs up to my apartment. When she saw me coming down she ran down the stairs. I stopped to watch it for a minute or two and it went and sat in the walkway up to one of the other apartments and started mrowing, then hid under the other set of stairs. I was both curious and worried about the kitty but i had to run off to the conference which i was already late for.

I just got home and the same cat was sitting on the balcony outside my door and started mrowing as soon as it saw me. I put a little food out for it outside, which was probably a bad idea but i felt very sorry for it :( I tried knocking on the door downstairs and asking my neighbors if they knew anything about it but they said they didn't know anything about anyone who owned cats. (Apparently they thought i looked rather threatening or something since they decided to talk to me through the door rather than opening it.)

The cat didn't have a collar but didn't seem starved. It was hungry and pounced on the food immediatly but when i tried petting it i couldn't feel bones sticking out or anything. Don't know what to do =/ Don't want to just kidnap it if it belongs to someone else and just got locked outside the apartment for a day or something, and cassie seemed rather upset to have a strange cat sitting outside. However if it just disapears and i never see it again i'm going to feel guilty and worried :(

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