DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Hanging out and buying expensive stuff

Went to hang out with morna later yesterday afternoon and we went down to the Santa Anita mall and wandered through various stores while talking. We got a snack at "Red Rock Chili" which she though was very good and wanted me to try. I tried to find the Lynn Flewelling books at Borders so i could show them to her but they didn't seem to have any copies =P The computer claimed they had copies in stock in the science fiction section but if so i couldn't find them. I think the shelves were slighlt messed up though, they actually managed to repeat the second half of the "F" section on two different shelves due to poor organization, so it's possible there was a third section that i ,issed, or thye books were completly out of place, or their inventory system was just hosed.

Morna and i had agreed not to give each other christmas presents this year but she went ahead and gave me some stuff anyway just cause they had it lying around =P I got the Star Wars Lego video game for gamecube (hmmm, coraa might be interested in trying that out too =) and a bottle of oil stuff that's supposed to help with oily skin. (I'm still not quite sure how that works =)

I dropped morna back off around 7:30 and headed home since they were expecting company over. Jmpava had given me a call earlier and asked if i was interested in doing games so i called back and found that they were still in the middle of the Lord of the Rings game and were thinking about trying out the Arkham Horror game after that so i headed over.

The Lord of the Rings game ended up taking so long that we didn't actually have time to play another game after that, but i got to watch jmpava and neonelephant playing and read (most of) the Arkham Horror rules and talk to coraa and ceph about fanfic and stuff, so it was all good anyways :) We also went out to a cool little diner type restaurant that was open till 3am or so. I need to find a place like that around here, well, other than Denny's of course :)

I got home about 3 and decided it would be a _bad_ idea to start playing Civ4 at that point :) So i actually got to bed around 4. So now i need to decide if i'm going to spend all day playing Civ4 or if i'm going to go out and do some shopping. There are three fairly big ticket (or at least theoretically big ticket) items i'm thinking of getting. A flatscreen monitor, a new cellphone and a PDA.

After doing some online shopping i'm begining to think i should have just gotten a LCD screen from Dell so i could have gotten the 30% off on it from the coupon =P I'd originally been thinking that i'd save a fair bit of money on shipping by not getting one, but when i found out that one of the current deals was "free" shipping i forgot to rethink the pros and cons of that.

It looks like the cheapest monitors i can find online would be a $200 (after rebate) 17" Sceptre or a $240 (after rebate) 19" Sceptre, botch from Costco. Anyone know of any other good places to shop for cheap LCD monitors?

I wonder if it's possible to get extension cords for monitor cables. If i can get the cable up to 10 or 15' it should be possible to arrange things so i can use the computer from either living room or bedroom fairly easily.

Edit: I've been told that Walmart has small fairly cheap LCD monitors, fairly cheap as in around $100. But it's walmart... but it's a $100 LCD... but it's walmart... =/
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