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07 January 2006 @ 02:39 pm
I spent so much time standing and pacing about yesterday while waiting for my computer that my leg decided to cramp up last night =P Guess it's a good thing i didn't go clubbing, but i probably would have gotten more sleep that way. I stayed up till about 6:30 conquering the Aztecs :)

The first war (which they started) ended up being a stalemate, my axemen couldn't take out the jaguar knights and axemen in their cities, but i did enough damage to get them to sue for peace. I started the second war after i got musketeers which combined with catapults did a much better job against the Aztec phalanxes (? guys in gold/bronz armor with shields and either swords or spears, i forget) and longbowmen. My first produced Rifleman helped take out the last Aztec city. Now i'm wondering if i should go pick on the Incans so i can have this continent to myself. Yup, it's just like the New World, a continent filled with the tribes of the Aztecs and the Incans. And, uh, the French =P

I skppied almost straight from axemen to muskeeters because it took me forever to get access to a source of iron. By the time i'd extended my borders to a mine (way out in the frickin desert) i only had enough time to build two knights before i switched over to musketeers.

Not actually feeling too tired today though because i got woken up by morna calling sometime around noon. It always helps me feel more awake if i get woken up by a person for some reason.

But now i'm stuck at work for the next several hours. Blah =P
Current Mood: busybusy