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Okay, at first i was just pissed at the apartment managers for not accepting packages, now i'm pissed at UPS too.

They said on the "failed delivery" slip that it was going to be delievered between 10:30 and 2 today, so i headed home for lunch again. There was no new slip on my door so i figured it must still be on the way so i settled down to wait. It's now 2:30 and still no package.

The tracking website just says it's scheduled for delivery today, i called up the UPS phone number and after arguing my way through the automated system to talk to a person i found out that they have no way of guestimating when it will show up (or so they claim) and the next delivery attempt would be on monday. And just to top it off the hub is closed on weekends. I could go pick it up at the hub at 6 or 7 tonight, but it's in Anaheim, so i'd have to go back to work now and then immediatly leave again in order to make it to Anaheim in time.

So if i want my computer anytime before tuesday evening i need to keep sitting here. If i get back to work at 3:15 i'll need to stay till 7. Any later and i guess i'll have to make up time on saturday. That's okay in theory but i already feel guilty for being away so long in the middle of the day.

If i leave now and the tracking site says it failed delivery five minutes from now i'm going to feel stupid. On the other hand if i sit here till 3 or 4 before heading back and still don't get the package i'm also going to feel stupid.

Gah!! Kill kill!


I had less than 7 hours to get in today. If UPS had given me at least a somewhat accurate delivery time i could have skipped lunch and been heading home already to wait for the bloody package! Argh!

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