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I outsmarted myself =P

I figured i'd wait till about 12:30 before heading home to see if i could catch the UPS people on the theory that they were slighly less likely to deliver pacaged between noon and one due to lunch and such. cwendy41 pointed out that they might have lunch from one to two or something like that, but i was figuring that i had bettwen odds being here between 1 and 1:30 or 2. Well she was right, i found a UPS slip on the door when i got here at 12:55 and when i checked the tracking site it said the first delivery failed at 12:39 =P

Now i'm wondering if i should call them and tell them to keep it at the hub (if i can figure out who to call) or try and be here a little earlier tomorrow on the theory that the schedule will be aproximately the same.

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