DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

My horse is smarter than i am

I'm in the middle of three games right now. As in i actually played all three last night, this isn't counting things like Advance Wars DS or Tales of Symphonia which i'm taking a short break from to play new stuff, or Zelda Ocarina of Time and Tales of Destiny, which i'm going to get back to someday, really :)

Played an hour or two of We Love Katamari. Finished off several new levels, and i'm probably up to about 10 or a dozen planets now. I'm a little confused by the snowball level. It's fun, but what exactly is the goal? Is there some ideal proportion between head and body we're supposed to be aiming for? And does rolling up things other than snow help you or hurt you or not matter at all?

Anyways, after awhile of that i decided to try out Shadow of the Colossus. After going through the intro i did a little bit of jumping and stabbing and other playing with the controls to test things out. Then i followed the advice of the tutorial and hopped on my horse and followed the beam of light. Well, except that the beam of light went off a cliff, so i turned the other way and tried to find my way out of the temple, but there was a ramp i couldn't get my horse to go up, so i went back to the cliff.

I stopped at the edge of the cliff and decided that exploring on horseback seemed like a risky proposition given how "bad" the controls are and i didn't want to ride right off the cliff. (As far as i can tell the controls work exactly like they intended, they just intended it to be like trying to control a real horse =P) So i hit the jump button to dismount from my horse, and jumped right off the cliff. *sigh*

So i fall to the bottom of the cliff and take about 1/10 - 1/8th of my health bar in damage and look around and see no way to get back up the cliff to my horse. I did find a save point and saved the game on the assumption that i'd _eventually_ be able to get my horse back. So i start walking along the cliff looking for stairs or something, and after about ten or twenty seconds with no success my horse suddenly shows up behind me. I still have no idea how he got down. Maybe there's some stair around the other side i hadn't gotten to yet. Or maybe my horse isn't really that smart after all and he just followed me off the cliff. But in any case i decided to not worry about it and try and find the first Colossus.

So after a little bit of riding and a couple tries at climbing and jumping i finally get to him. And why yes, he _is_ large. I again followed the advice of the tutorial for awhile and shot at him with a bow, which as expected did pretty much nothing except get his attention. Then it suggested that i shine the lght of the sword at him to "reveal his vitals." So i tried to do that, except when i actviated the light he suddenly seemed to be facing the wrong direction, and while i was arguing with the controls trying to get him pointed the right way i suddenly see a very large club coming towards me. Wham. Ouch. There goes about a third of my life bar.

So i back up switch some of the options on the controls areound (putting both the camera _and_ the controls on vertical inverted mode) and try again and this time i get the light beam pointed at him and... nothing happens. I'm not sure what was supposed to happen but it sure seemed to be not doing it. However since i'm actually pointed in the right direction this time i can see him wind up and get ready to smash me, so i start running to the side and the club just barely misses me, but i take some damage anyways. I don't know if it just clipped me and i didn't see it or if there's a radius effect.

In any case i decide screw this, i'll just run up and stab him. From hearing about the game through various sources i know how this bit is supposed to work, so i run up to his feet and get stepped on. Okay, maybe that's not how it was supposed to go. However on the _second_ try i manage to grab onto his ankle. I stab him a couple times and big spurts of black "blood" start coming out and after the second or third stab it seems like a hamstrung him or something cause he fell over. I took this opportunity to climb a bit furter up and when he got back to his feet i started stabbing him in the butt. More blackish stuff sprays out and after the second stab or so he shakes himself or something cause i suddenly lose my grip and fall to the ground, taking a little more damage. I thought that was going to kill me, but i still had a little sliver left which was just enough to let me make one more attempt to grab onto his ankle and climb up, except i got stepped on again instead and died.

But by that point madduckdes had shown up and was hanging out with coraa, so i decided to be social like them.

Then after madduckdes headed home i played some Castlevania DS while listening to coraa and jmpava play Civ4. They finally added the music back to the opening like they had in the first Civ! They also have Leonard Nimor as the narator which is just funny :) I so need to get a copy of that. And a computer to play it on. It looks like i can get a reasonable deal on a Dell right now for $1100, with "free" shipping. However that's with no monitor. Dell with no monitor for $1100 vs Compaq with 17" LCD but with Windows XP Media edition instead of XP Pro for $900? Seems like it would almost be better to get the Compaq and buy my own copy of Win XP Pro and just wipe the computer completly and reinstall.

Of course as i'm trying to make this decision we just had a _third_ Dell computer at work literally undergo meltdown, complete with a shutdown message about a "thermal event." They claim this is a "known issue." I sure hope "known issue" means "we figured it out after releasing that batch and fixed it in the newer computers" and not "we figured out what the problem is and decided not to worry about it," or "yeah, that's part of our incentive program to get the long term warranty." :)

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