DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

*sneak sneak sneak*

Haha! I snuck home and managed to get an extra load of laundry started before my roommate(s) arrived! *sneaky* :)

One other thing i forgot about from over christmas, i saw Donny Darko for the first time ever. Scary but interesting.

And since people were asking...

Before i spoil anyone, you _do_ know what happens to King Kong at the end of the movie right? :)

King Kong and California type mall:

So it's raining. No big surprise, we're in Seattle, it's winter. We decide to go to King Kong and according to our parents the most convenient place to do so is a brand new just opened mall at the brand new just opened light rail stop (or something like that) in Kent.

So we go down there and find... a totally open California-esque mall. Kind of like the equally stupid jr. high 2gouda4u and i went to except without even the benefit of overhangs for the walkways. They _did_ make one concession to the climate by adding a large gas-powered fireplace that you could warm yourself by. However since they only made one concession the fire was in it's own little hut in the middle of the plaza and although the fire itself had a room over it there was no extending roof for the people to stand under. So you could warm yourself by the fire as long as you were willing to stand in the rain. Or sit in the rain on the (obviously very wet) benches nearby.

Along with the architecture the stores seemed intent on giving a California feel as well, given that there was a Chipotle and a Jamba Juice there, which are both good but i tend to think of them as california places.

So anyways, as for King Kong itself. Well, it's long. A little over three hours if i remember correctly. You don't _really_ notice it. Well, up until the X-teenth encounter with monsters that need to be fought off and you suddenly think "wait, i distinctly remember this movie involving romping around in New York. Doesn't that mean that they actually need to, you know, pack up and get back to New York at some point?" And if by that you infer that there are a lot of fights with monsters in the begining (and the middle) you'd be right.

I am not a King King buff, and i'm not aware of exactly how many critters they dealt with in the original (and i remember hearing that they went back and restored some scenes that were cut from the original) but i could have done with a little less monster bashing. But eventually all the monsters were bashed (quite possibly wreaking untold amounts of enviromental havoc that later generations will curse them for,) they do get back to New York, chaos ensues, and then it gets sad :(

The special effects are of course pretty good (a certain someone was complaining about the blue screen work but i didn't notice it at all =) but the movie ended on such a downer that my overall response was kind of "eh."

As for Last Exile, well, i'll try not to be _too_ specific in the post itself, but i make no promises, and there will be no holds barred in the comments in regards to spoilers :)

Last Exile:

Like many other series, both anime and non, i thought it got off to a great start, built up really well in the middle, and then kinda coasted along to the end. Still a good series and i intend to finish collecting the rest of the DVDs for myself, but yeah, the last six or so episodes could certainly have been better.

I'm still not entirely sure what happened at the end, particularly where they ended up and where they started from (if the two aren't the same) and for that matter, how they got there to begin with. And they didn't explain nearly enough about the backstory of the character they should have explained a lot more about. Sorry, let me rephrase that, they didn't really explain _anything_ about said character =P

Okay, that's about as detailed as i can get without being totally spoilery. If you want more details poke at me about it in the comments :)

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