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Brief (or not) synopsis of moving

Went home from work early and checked out the Goodwill and Salvation Army as regards fridges. Got a little bit of packing done but then fell asleep for about three hours in the late afternoon/early evening. Made up for that by staying up all night packing and cleaning.

Took a nap for about 45 or 60 minutes around 5 or 6 am. Went down to the U-Haul place about 7:30. I picked the wrong line to wait in and got a guy who either really didn't know what he was doing or had a buggy computer, or both, cause it took _forever_ for him to get my reservation worked out. 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz got there while i was still waiting for him to finish, earlier than they'd been expecting.

So i moved the truck around to the side entrance and we started clearing out the storage area. Which was cluttered. And icky. Lots of dust and spiderwebs and other things best left unmentioned. We did a rough cleaning of some of the bigger stuff that was exceptionally dirty before moving it into the truck. We also made a rather large pile of stuff to just dump. We were worrying about what to do with it all but thegreatgonz noticed a sign saying there was a dumpster we could use for $25. When i went to talk to the people at the front desk about it they asked if i was moving out of my storage unit and i said yes, so he said since i'd already paid for the full month i could go ahead and use the dumpster for free. Yay!

2gouda4u and i spent somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes cleaning out the fridge in the hopes that the Salvation Army would take it while thegreatgonz carted the other stuff out to the dumpster. We then finished loading everything into the truck and took a break to go clean our hands and get some food at the nearby mcdonalds. The last time i went to mcdonalds was _not_ to the exact same one when i was first moving into that apartment and dumping stuff to storage, i'm pretty sure i've gone to mcdonalds once or twice inbetween at other places :)

We went back to my apartment and i finished cleaning out the fridge while 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz tossed what was left in my second bedroom into boxes. It was getting sort of late by that point, and i was getting worried about making it down to the salvation army before it closed, and what we'd do if they didn't want one or both of the fridges. Thegreatgonz was having a mild alergic reaction or something, presumably due to all the dust and cat fur and whatever getting kicked up in the moving process, so we sent him out to take a look at what was supposed to be some kind of nearby dump site. Unfortunately despite their phone message saying they were open on weekends they didn't actually seem to exist when thegreatgonz got to the address google said they were at. I called up another landfill that was about 20 miles away to the SW and they said they did take fridges, so i figured that would be our backup plan.

When thegreatgonz got back he poked around at google some more and finally found a landfill down near the 57 and the 91 (ie, right along our path) and called up and confirmed that they did take fridges. We were getting awefully close to when the salvation army was going to close, we still had a fair bit of stuff to move, and thegreatgonz didn't really like 2gouda4u and my plan of just dumping my couch near the dumpster, so we finally decided to put the couch in the truck as well and just skip the salvation army and stop by the dump to ditch the couch and two fridges. It seemed kind of a waste, doubly so since we'd spent a fair bit of time cleaning them, but it seemed the most time effective course to take.

We finished up loading the truck and headed down the 57, and got to the dump about 4:30. They charged us $45, $15 for each of the large items, and although i know there are laws about recycling fridges in california they just directed us to a generic looking pile of junk. 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz were talking something about the process of unloading the stuff, but i countered that we should just shove it out the back. So we opened up the back and i got up in there and told them to get out of the way and shoved :) It was kind of fun, and made lots of noise. One of the fridges got a huge dent in it from landing on something hard. And it's amazingly easier to move a fridge if you just tilt it on its side and roll it, presuming you don't care what kind of shape it's in when you're finished :)

So we got back in the truck (well, thegreatgonz got back in their car) and we continued on down to the new apartment. Thegreatgonz decided to try an alternate route of going down the 5 and the 55 and coming back up the 405, but the traffic must have been just as bad that way as on the 22 because we arrived just a little before him. It was about 5:30 at that point and they suggested that if i was going to have any chance of getting the truck back near its appointed dealine of 6 then we should just empty out everything onto the sidewalk and they could move it into the apartment while i drove the truck back. I felt horribly guilty about that, but it did seem to be the only way to get things to work =/

So we did that and i headed off just a little before 6. It too about an hour to traverse the freeways and of course i need to fill the tank up before i dropped it off. I got back to the U-Haul place just after 7:30, and they were actually in the process of locking up as i arrived. They said they were busy shutting down and couldn't actually process the account, but they took the keys and my form and said i'd have to come back in the morning to pay. I figured the fact that they'd actually taken the keys and the form however was a good sign, since that way they couldn't claim i had it out all night or something.

I went back to the old apartment and packed a fair amount of stuff in and finally loaded cassie into her carrier for the trip. She made all kinds of pitiful noises during the trip but when i got back to the new apartment and let her out she seemed to be rather curious and excited. 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz had not only moved everything inside, they'd managed to make it all fit into the bedroom in an organized manner. Of course my bed is now surrounded on four sides by things that are ready to topple over and kill me in the event of an earthquake (barring the unlikely scenario where it all manages to fall at the exact same time and each item props up the next, forming a little cave =) however the walled in effect is kinda cool :) Not that i'm planning on keeping it this way for long of course, well, other than the bookshelves which i'm going to leave where they are.

I took a quick shower cause i was feeling incredibly dirty and then we hung out and watched The Emperor's New Groove with coraa and jmpava, which i'd never seen before. 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz headed home shortly after the movie finished and i got to sleep about midnight.

Got up about 5am and drove up to Pomona only to find that unlike every other day of the week U-Haul did _not_ open at 7:30 on sundays =P So i went to the apartment and cleaned some more and packed up another load of stuff before going back to U-Haul at 9. When i told them i'd turned in the truck the previous night but they hadn't had time to process it the person spent awhile poking at the computer and seemed to have some trouble finding my account, and i was afraid that something horrible had happened, but she finally pulled it up and said i owed $166. That was _clearly_ not only without any kind of extra overnight charge, but not even with the $100 i should have owed for getting it in an hour and a half late. I very briefly thought of asking about that, but then decided to follow the advice of my parents (namely, that given the amount of trouble big corporations put you through trying to fix things when they make a mistake in their favor, when they make a mistake in your favor don't argue with them about it) and paid them the $166.

Drove back down to the apartment and unloaded stuff and did a little bit of organizing things with coraa. Then we headed off to the movie theatre after jmpava got up and joined everyone else to go see Narnia, which was reasonably good but really makes me want to see the cartoon version now :)

Some of us had dinner at Islands after that and then went to Barnes & Noble where i got a couple books and finally signed up for their membership program since that is now by far the closest bookstore to me.

After that i dropped jmpava and coraa back off at the apartment and drove back up to Pomona and spent a long time cleaning and packing. I'd originally been planning to make two quick trips there and back again, but i decided there wasn't as much stuff to move as i'd thought but there was more stuff to clean than i'd been thinking, so i spent a couple hours there working and headed back to HB with an extra full load in the car.

Got up at 5 again, showered and headed to Pomona. Stopped to get some Del Taco for breakfast on the way (probably the last time i'll ever go to that del taco) and started cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning.

It's rather sad that after four years living there, on the very last day i discovered that there were _two_ sets of dumpsters that were between 2/3rds and 1/2 the distance of the dumpsters i'd been using my entire time there. What's even sadder is exactly how big a help that was in that last day. I lost count of how many trips i made out to the dumpsters but it was certainly over a dozen, and may have been over two dozen. I'd been hopping to make it out of there by about 9, but that clearly wasn't going to happen. I ended up throwing away a lot more stuff than i'd originally intended because i didn't want to have to try and stuff it in my car.

I ran into a girl by the dumpster who saw me carrying the old keyboard i got at Westwood and asked if i was getting rid of it. When i said yes she said that a lot of the residents had an unofficial swap type thing going where they'd leave anything "worthwhile" sitting next to the dumpsters rather than actually tossing it in, so i did that with the keyboard, the microwave, the two halogen lamps, the fan and the pappasan chair. She claimed the two halogen lights, i don't know if any of the other stuff got claimed after that.

The last couple hours were an endless amount of trudging between the apartment and the dumpsters. I finally finished up about noon, with my car about half full of not very easily packable stuff. I dropped off my keys but elected not to do the inspection with the landlord given how late i was already running. It's not like what they say during the inspection is leagly binding anyways, and the money in the deposit isn't really mine so i wasn't _that_ desperate to keep track of where it was going :)

Traffic wasn't too bad and i got into work about 1:15, only to find that they'd switched the usual schedule around and had pizza day that day instead of on friday :( No Papa John's for me :(

So yeah, all moved in, but a ton of unpacking left to do after i get back from christmas.

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