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I am a sneaky bastard :)

Out in front of this apartment next to the covered car ports are three or four parking spots that as far as i can tell are free to all takers. In the middle of the spots is a painted over section which you apparently aren't supposed to park in but that i've seen a lot of people do loading/unloading at. People have parked largish trucks there before, but i'm not sure if it's quite large to handle the 14' U-Haul truck i reserved.

However i've been taking multiple loads of trash out to the dumpster tonight. On one such trip i noticed that the parking spot next to the painted over space was empty, so on my way back i grabbed my car and parked it in the space :) So now there's _definitely_ enough room, and in fact pleanty of room for people to get around the truck as well, since in the past i've been annoyed at people who completly blocked up that section while moving stuff.

I've also run into a cute girl dressed in black from a couple apartments over who also seems to be making multiple trips out to the dumpster. She even smiled at me once while we were passing each other :)

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