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Hey, industrialbchic, did you decide if you were interested in a fridge or two or a couch? I'm guessing probably not since i never heard back from you, though i suppose it's possible that my message went wherever the little lost messages have been going for the last few weeks.

I stopped by U-Haul and when i asked what the late fee would be if i didn't get it back in time they extended my rental to 6, and said it would be $50 an hour after that. Something i want to avoid, but if necessary i can live with it. I also made sure i was marked down with a reservation for an appliance dolly, it looked like they had pleanty of them there, and i'd be getting it first thing in the morning, but it would really suck if by some freak occurance i got there and they were all out.

I went by the Salvation Army place and they said they do accept fridges. I said they were working, i didn't say anything else about them, i'm hoping to dump them and run before they can say anything more. I did describe the couch since the problems with that are more immediatly apparent, mainly that one corner has been clawed up by cassie and the previous cat who lived in this apartment. He said he wasn't sure but that they probably wouldn't want it. I'm thinking of just dumping the couch by the dumpster with a "free couch" sign on it and running.

If i can just get rid of the fridges and couch half the panicky issues will be solved. The other half is just looking around the apartment and thinking, my gods, there's so much _stuff._ Not a great volume of it, i don't _think_ there will be any issue fitting it all in the truck, but i don't know what to do with so much of it. Most of the stuff left does not pack well with others, i'm probably going to end up with a dozen boxes half full with badly packed doodads which won't get sorted out on the other end for months =P

I also need to exercise some pragmatism and throw more things away. The recycling should go in the trash. I'll feel bad about it but it's really not worth the trouble, _especially_ monetarily. The three(?) year old frozen steaks need to go. They're probably still good, but they're worth at most a couple bucks each? So not worth dealing with. Not sure about the standup fan either. I don't know where i'd put it in the new apartment since there's not that much room in the living room and it probably doesn't get as hot there anyways. In any case i think it only cost $15 or $20 originally, i should toss it.

And i should really go through and toss as much of the tossable stuff _right_now_. The emptier the apartment looks the less likely i am to submit to unproductive panic attacks =P

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