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Despite having gotten at least some exercise over the past week or two carrying boxes around i'm now back up to 180 lbs :(

Tried to get up early this morning to do some more cleaning and packing but ended up falling asleep again on the couch. I have so little willpower =P Perhaps not too surprisingly i ended up having a dream about... packing and moving.

It started out in that apartment, then some people showed up to help out i think, and then while i was going through the rooms packing stuff i found an extra hallway which lead to another room or two and an extra bathroom. In the dream i thought i remembered the rooms when i saw them, but i'd somehow forgotten about their existance since shortly after i moved in. Then i found some more rooms connected to those and started wandering through a series of rooms and hallways. After a little bit i (or we, i'm not sure if the other people followed me or not) ended up in some fancy restaurant, which was very confusing. I wasn't sure if my apartment was supposed to be directly connected to a restaurant or not. When we tried to turn around it suddenly seemed that we'd gotten there through the restaurant's kitchen. Rather than try to get back that way we went outside to try and work our way around back to my apartment. However the apartment building had turned into some kind of giant arcology, except that instead of being the "typical" rectangular shape it was rather pyramid shaped. We should theoretically have been on the same floor as my apartment but for whatever reason we couldn't get back there directly, so we got on one of the giant escalaters that was going up the slope of the building to try and work our way back. Somewhere around then is when i woke up and spent the rest of the morning doing a little cleaning and packing and then running off to work.

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