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I did! I did! I _did_ get giant bruises on my legs!

I made two trips to HB this weekend. On on saturday after the company christmas party with a medium load of stuff, the second early sunday afternoon with a ton of stuff, including my 27" tv.

I still have the original packing box for the tv which makes it somewhat easier to carry. However not as easy as it should due to some kind of manufacturing "oversight." There are two handle cutouts in the box, however they're placed at an angle so that it is only convenient to grab them from one particular side. However that side also happens to be the side the handles are closest to, which means you get _horrible_ leverage. The only way i could manage to carry it by myself was by kind of bracing it against my legs while taking smallish steps. However that meant that the bottom edge of the box was digging into my legs just a little above the knee and i managed to get some fantastically painfull bruises which turned wonderfully purple overnight =P

I managed to get the box down the stairs and out to the car by myself, but i had to take a couple breaks to do it. About halfway there i started thinking something along the lines of, "you know, i bet if i just left it sitting here in the middle of the path then eventually someone would come along and steal it, and then i wouldn't have to worry about it anymore." Although if i did actually do that it woud be fun to set up a camera and watch the theives developing hernias trying to get away with their loot :) I think that the next time i move i may very well get rid of the tv and buy a new flatscreen LCD. I think i paid about $200 for that tv originally, five years ago or so, so if i can get a new LCD screen that at least approaches 27" in a couple years for $200 or so i'll definitely go for that rather than have to go through this again.

When i got to the new apartment i was feeling wussy and managed to convince jmpava to help me carry it in from the car, which is fair since he'll probably be getting almost as much use out of it as me :)

So anyways, now my legs are sore from being bruised. And my arms are sore from carrying stuff. And my back is sore from i don't know what, quite possibly something involving heavy lifting and carrying though :) Luckily it all seems to be muscle type sorness which is ouchy but also purry and happy.

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