DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Free Stuff

So about a week from now i'm planning on moving most of the big stuff in my apartment. Actually, i'm planning on getting rid of most of the big stuff in my apartment. I still need to check with Goodwill to see what they'll accept, but the rest of it is, uh going to a dump or something? Unless anyone wants any of the following: (And note that none of the stuff is in any kind of condition that could be called new) The one condition on claiming most of these things is that you have to come pick it up and transport it yourself, so i don't really expect any takers :)

2 refrigerators
1 hide-a-bed couch
1 twin matress, er 2 twin mattresses, um, one of those twin beds that has an upper and lower mattress thing, but just the mattresses, nothing else.
1 pappasan chair (whose cushion is covered in cat hair, and there's a break in one of the piece of wicker that's been somewhat taped up)
1 papasan cushion sans chair (also covered in cat hair, even more of it probably)

There're two more items i haven't decided about yet, my microwave, and my old futon. (Yes, i do own three beds.) I'd certainly be happy to own the microwave out again (When morna was moving out of her place she told me she still had my microwave, to which i responded, "i own a microwave?" :)

I've also got a stack of books i need to give away or sell to a used bookstore or something. These are actually all new hardbacks, they're SFBC books that i didn't actually mean to get but ended up with anyways cause i wasn't paying attention =P

Anne Rice - Blood and Gold
Anne Rice - Blackwood Farm
Alan Dean Foster - Star Wars: The Approaching Storm
Stephen King - From a Buick 8
Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson - Dune: House Corrino
Brian Hervert & Kevin J. Anderson - Dune: the Butlerian Jihad
Walter Jon William - Star Wars: the New Jedi Order: Destiny's Way
Stephen King & Peter Straub - Black House
R.A. Salvatore - Star Wars: Episode 2: Attack of the Clones
James Luceno - Star Wars: Cloak of Deception
Troy Denning - Star Wars: the New Jedi Order: Star by Star

One might think from this that SFBC does a lot of Star Wars books. Well, they do, but not nearly as many as it seems. A lot of times when i forget to tell them not to send my the monthly stuff it actually turns out to be something interesting, so these are just the dregs of the dregs from my personal tastes.

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