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Blah, trying to think of what to say in my performance review and not coming up with much =/

Was feeling very hungry last night but didn't want to spend too long getting food so i decided to try the "Tommy's Burgers" place across the street, which i had never heard of before despite their claims to world famousness. They seem to have a lot of chili stuff, chili burgers, chili fries, chili hot dogs, and just plain chili. They had some monstrous combo with a tripple chili cheeseburger, chili chese fries and a large drink for $8 (which i did _not_ get =P) Was reasonably good i guess, though certainly not as good as In-n-Out :)

In other sorta good news there's a Carrows right next to the new place, which i've always thought of kind of as Denny's poor cousin. Does Carrow's stay open 24 hours as well?
Good news, there's a coffee shop right across the street, next to the Tommy's Burgers. Bad news, it's a Starbucks =P
Good news, there's a GameStop next to the Starbucks. Bad news, there's a GameStop next to the Starbucks. As if i don't _already_ spend enough money on games that i never manage to finish :)
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