DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Didn't make it down to HB yesterday, just sat around the apartment all day, then went and got some chili cheese fries at the Hat and watched "Hero," which turned out to be rather different from what i was expecting. It was still pretty good, just not what i was expecting. Very artsy and rather tragic. Parts of it kind of reminded me of "Ju Dou" (whose name i couldn't remember on my own seven years after seeing it, but searching google for '+"foreign film" +"red dye"' found it quick enough =) although it obviously has some similarities to Rashomon as well.

My viewing of the movie was slightly impeded however because the gods decided it was time to send me another reminder that i need new hardware. My PS2 choked about halfway through, presumably at the dual layer switchover. After a couple attempts to coerce the PS2 into cooperating i gave up and put the DVD in my laptop, which got through the dual layer switchover just fine, and then crashed about five minutes later =P The _third_ time it played all the way through though! :)

Did some more laundry this morning, going to go pack some more boxes now and make a trip down to HB. If i'm feeling really ambitious i may make two trips, or i may just come home and spend the evening packing my car full of stuff to drop off after work tomorrow. I do need to actually start sorting through stuff and not just shipping it over though, or coraa's going to be rather peeved to find the entrance to her bathroom, which is located conveniently close to the front door, stacked floor to ceiling with boxes when she gets back :)

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