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aka a poor man's feng shui

I can fit 8 boxes in the back of my car pretty easily. 12 boxes works just fine as long as i don't mind my rear view being cut off a little along the bottom. I can fit four boxes in the back seat easily. I could probably get up to about eight or ten if i didn't mind getting jabbed in the back if i ever needed to stop quickly.

I decided not to overdo it this trip though and just took 16 boxes down to HB, which is about half my games and DVDs and maybe between a third and a half of my books. Did some cleaning when i got down there, need to remember to bring some real cleaning stuff tomorrow though since the bathroom is a little scuzzy. Well, the bathroom itself isn't too bad, but the sink counter has some weirdly colored stuff encrusted on it =P

After taking a better look at my bedroom i'm not quite sure how to arrange things in it. For starters i'm slightly offput that as far as i can tell, without access to a compass anyways, this seems to be the first apartment, house or room i've ever lived in that isn't cardinally aligned.

I don't normally put a great deal of concern into furniture arrangements, the one thing i do consider somewhat important is the placement of my bed, though i can't really say why. Perhaps because you spend so much time in it, even if you're not conscious for most of that time.

In any case, i usually place it in a corner with at least the long length of the room between it and the door, and often kitty-corner to the door if possible. And normally i also try to make it so the length of the bed follows the long axis of the room. At home it was in the NW corner of the room, away from the door in the SE corner. In college i didn't get a great deal of choice about the arrangement of the furniture, and in both rooms i had the bed ended up in the corner right next to the doorway. In Fullerton it was in two different rooms at different points while i was there, in both cases it ended up somewhat in the middle of the room. While i was in the small bedroom at this apartment in was in the SE corner, opposite the SW door. When i moved into the bigger bedroom it went again into the SE corner, but now was kitty-corner to the NW door.

Not sure which of those arrangements gave me the best "luck" or whatever. Certainly my time in my current apartment has had some extreme up moments, however they're matched by the extremeness of the down moments, although lately it's just been a whole lot of blandness.

So in the new place the door is in the E corner, along the NE wall. The closet is in the same wall in the N corner, so even if i wanted to put my bed along that wall it's pretty much right out. The problem arises in that the room has a balcony entrance as well, which is nice in theory, but it's a rather large door which takes up over half of the SW wall, on the S side. I can place the bed in the W corner along the NW wall, but if i then place the table i'm planning on getting out of storage along the SE wall, but if i do that than almost all the wall space will be taken up and there will be very little room left for bookshelves :(

I could place the table along the the wall with the balcony door as long as i decide i don't ever plan to actually _use_ the door. I could probably place the bed along that wall instead, but having it contrary to the long axis of the room would be kind of weird though i suppose i'd get used to that after awhile. I could also move the bed just far enough away from the NW wall so that i could put bookshelves in there. Not sure if it would still feel like it was in the corner that way.

Yes, i am putting way too much thought into something which is incredibly silly, but figuring out how to set things up is half the fun of moving into a new place, the other half being, uh... moving all the stuff? Okay, maybe figuring out how to set things up is _all_ the fun :)

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