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I think i've got my car fixed. The lose piece has one of those somewhat arrowhead shaped "goes in but never comes out" plastic fastener things, like the ones you always see in clothes tags but industrial sized. The fender has a plastic tab with a hole in it that seems to match the fastener thing. After some pushing and prying i managed to get the two lined up, and then couldn't actually get them to stick =P The fastener goes into the hole but i can't seem to apply enough force to get it to actually compress enough to go all the way through and latch. When i press up on the bottom piece the top piece moves up too, and i can't figure out hwo to get my hand around to press down from the top because there's stuff in the way.

So i did what any good geek would do, i (hopefully) solved the problem by means of a large amount of duct tape :)

Unfortunatly when i was done i somehow managed to forget that the front of my car goes under a rather low hanging storage space in the back of the parling area, so i just tried to stand straight up. =P

Anyways, now to load the car with boxes, make a (somewhat out of the way) stop by Costco to brave the black friday crowds and on to HB.

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