DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

A Storm of Swords

Wow, i didn't remember that, or that, or _that_! In fact i'd almost think that i didn't actually read the entire last third of the book the last time i went through it except that i _do_ remember the bit from the epilogue. Anyways, now i have about a week to wait till Feast of Crows gets here from SFBC. I _could_ get the audiobook off of Audible right now, except that i want to get through it quicker than i would listening to it, and according to the reviews they decided to replace the reader they had for the first three books with someone new, and he's nowhere near as good as the old guy =P

And on a random note, which is a worse day to go shopping? The friday after thanksgiving or the saturday after thanksgiving? I wonder if Costco is as crowded as everywhere else, or if everyone will be too busy going to malls to go to costco. I should also go to Ikea at some point, it would be nice to get some kind of actual stand to put my tv on, rather than the two milk crates it's currently perched on :) Not that that's a pressing issue since i'm not sure if i want to try moving the tv all by myself =P

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