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I was just going to sit at home and play games and read and maybe pack things up a bit today. However Morna ended up inviting me to go have thanksgiving lunch/dinner with her since Bricriu was feeling sick. We went to Mimi's cafe which is doing a special thanksgiving day meal thing. I am so stuffed now :)

When i got home (which took a bit longer than expected, i can understand the 210-E being clogged up yesterday, but where is everyone in such a big hurry to get to thanksgiving afternoon? Shouldn't they _already_ be whereever they're trying to get to?) i poked around at my car some to try and figure out the noise thing.

After poking around the front left wheel well i think i've figured out the problem. The first clue was that i found that the plastic panel in front of the wheel is loose. There seems to have been a screw that was supposed to hold it in place which came undone somehow. Just a little bit of pressure causes it to bend backwards till it hits the wheel. The second clue was the giant three inch long hole that's been worn through the plsatic where it touches the wheel when i do that =P

So the mechanics were right in guessing that it wasn't doing any damage to my engine to drive, but that can _not_ be good for the tire =/

I _should_ make a trip down to HB today to move at least one load of stuff, not sure i feel up to it though. Well, tomorrow i'll _definitely_ start moving stuff.

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