DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Just got back from taking cassie to the vet (which incidentally had a very cute receptionist working there this morning =)

They gave her a shot and confirmed that the only significant thing wrong with her was her teeth, and gave me pretty much the same estimate for teeth cleaning they'd given over the phone, $378 with the lab work (which costs about $120 and my parents claim i don't need given that cassie is still pretty young) but not including any x-rays, tooth extraction, or any other kind of complication that might arise.

I'd been thinking it would be nice to get all of cassie's vet stuff done while i'm still here before i move and have to find a new vet, but i probably ought to try shopping around and see if i can find anyplace cheaper. My parents seemed to think that i ought to be able to get it done for less than that, but maybe vets are just cheaper in washington than in california. The vet said that February is their "dental health" month and there would be a $50 discount then, but it's probably not worth driving that far after i've moved just to save $50.

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