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kirinn was in town for buisness this week so i spent the evening hanging out with him and morna. Talked about lots of random stuff and went to a japanese place for dinner.

When i got home i found a box from SFBC waiting on my doorstep! Yay!!! However it did not contain a Feast for Crows! Boo!

It did have Robin Hobb's "Shaman's Crossing," (Yayayayay!!!) Robert A. Heinlein's "Off the Main Sequence" (a collection of his short stories that aren't part of the Future Histories set) Madeleine L'Engle's "The Time Quartet" (consisting of "A Wrinkle in Time," "A Wind in the Door," "A Swifly Tilting Planet," and "Many Waters") and Tamora Pierce's "Song of the Lioness" (consisting of "Alanna: The First Adventure," "In the Hand of the Goddess," "The Woman Who Rides Like a Man," and "Lioness Rampant," which i got because i've heard of the author but never read anything by her, it sounded interesting, and it was four books for free =)

When i checked the order status page on the SFBC website it claims it shipped out a Feast for Crows 9 days after it shipped this box, so in a little over a week i should be getting it, which should work out well with how i'm doing on the audio book for a Storm of Swords.

Speaking of which, it's odd how much i've forgotten about the last half or third of the book. I think i may have gone into shock after the super-depressing part. I managed to spoiler myself a couple times for a book i've already read while looking through some Song of Ice and Fire faqs :)

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