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I've gotten to the really depressing part of A Storm of Swords :( It's somewhat more cringe enducing the second time through because i have a better idea about which dreams and portents from earlier on were refering to it. I'm _pretty_ sure that my favorite character survives this part, if for no other reason that that i believe i saw some blurb about A Feast for Crows talking about her part in it. She damn well better survive that book too!!

Speaking of which, SFBC is evil :) I'd been waiting around for a good special from them so i could get A Feast for Crows and Shaman's Crossing (the new Robin Hobb book) for a reasonable price. I ended up using a "buy two get one free" deal, and then when looking for a third book to get for free i somehow ended up with four extra books instead =P
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