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Spent awhile yesterday trying to decide if i wanted to go to Wumpskate and deal with the rollerblade thing or not, and then got a last minute offer to go play board games with people and decided to do that instead. (Sorry industrialbchic :( You should let me know if you're going to Wumpskate next month or Dungeon or Malediction or anything else in the meantime though!)

I figured that by next month i should have a better idea as to what kind of skates they're allowing at Wumpskate, and i also thought it would be better to get home earlier rather than later since i've got lots of chores i need to do.

Carpooled to ceph and jmpava's place with neonelephant and got there about 7:20 or 7:30, but then people spent quite awhile going out to get dinner and stuff (most of us actually ended up at the same place, but we all went there at slightly different times =) Then we sat around talking about what game to play for a bit (figures that a day or two after cleaning out the back of my car someone actually expressed interest in playing Acquire again, which _had_ been sitting in my car for over a year =P) before getting completly distracted and talking about random stuff. It was kind of like being back in the East Dorm lounge, which isn't really that much of a surprise given the people there :)

Finally about half the people decided to go off to bed and the rest of us started a game of Java, which i'd never played before. Nobody else had played much either though, and i ended up winning! (well, okay, tied for first place =) Of course since we'd gotten to such a late start it was a little after 1 by the time we finished. I got home about 2:30 and got to sleep at 3, which totally demolishes the naive idea i had about board games taking less time than Wumpskate, but that's okay, it was lots of fun :)

_Tonight_ however i need to get some stuff done before crashing into bed and trying to catch up on sleep. Although despite getting about three hours of sleep last night i feel pretty good today. Might have been slightly slower getting out of bed than normal but once i was fully awake i felt fine. I'm sure i can't depend on that working two night in a row though =P

Edit: On the other hand, i was out of it enough this morning to completly forget to shave. Blargh, stupid scratchy face =P

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