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13 November 2005 @ 05:12 pm
You are all allowed to laugh at me now  
Back from chores and stuff. The apartment still smells like a whole lotta mint *opens windows and turns on fan*

There a lot of unmoving black spots in the lighting fixture :( I hope the mint spray scared away more wasps than it killed :(

Went to Costco for lunch and then made the mistake of looking at the DVDs. Having just ascertained which Disney DVDs i do and do not have, i picked up Mulan and Finding Nemo. Then i got the Stargate Season 8 box set, only to find when i got home that although i've seen a fair number of episodes from season 7, i do not actually have the DVDs for it yet. *sigh* need to make another trip at some point.

Went be a local PC store and priced a whole bunch of parts, now i need to go peruse the various computer seller websites and figure out if i want to buy a whole computer or make one (or more likely, get one made) from parts.

Then cleaned out about 90% of the junk in the trunk of my car. Yay!
Kirinkirinn on November 14th, 2005 05:51 am (UTC)
If you're interested in what DVDs people are buying, I got some just yesterday. Gankutsuo v1 (with empty box) which I'd preordered, Genshiken v2 (to put in my box), and the full series of Kino's Journey (in a nifty thinpak box - those things are great). Then I helped tiercel buy RayEarth seasons 1 and 2 in boxes (I included one in my checkout to take advatage of a buy some get one half-off sale and she paid me back, she bought the other, and we got it all to contribute to my triple Replay points. Yay.)

So, all in all, a whole lot of boxes were goin' on.

Meanwhile, i really wish my PS2 would stop deciding to multiply all load times in Soul Calibur 3 by arbitrary factors from 1 to 10. Stupid barely-working old hardware. How much are those thin PS2s these days? -_-