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I realized today that i completly forgot about Wumpskate this month, then realized that since the 1st was on a tuesday it hasn't happened yet! So i checked the site and indeed the 14th is "Turkeyskate." :) Unfortunately...

"GOOD NEWS!!! The venue is done remodelling and they have put in an awesome new wood floor! Beats the hell out of skating on concrete!

The bad news is they will no longer allowe rolleblades with black wheels and stoppers or screws that can mark the floor when turning low. Thank you for understanding."

Um, does that include my rollerblades? :( They don't have black wheels, but i'm not sure about the "stoppers or screws" bit. Stopper may mean the same thing as the brake, but i'm not sure, and i have no clue what screws they could be talking about =/ It seems a little unfair given the skates they "rent" out have those big giant brake things on the front =/

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