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See! Yesterday totally justifies my normal approach to life! (Or at least one of the modes of my normal approach.) If you're totally pessimistic about the future then a significant fraction of the time you'll be delighted when it turns out you were wrong! :)

I'd already given up all hope of 79 and 80 passing (which i wasn't 100% sure were good ideas to begin with anyways) but 74, 75 and particularly 73 turning around like that overnight more than makes up for it :)


Oh, and there were two people-type things on the ballot yesterday, two local school board positions with about eight people between them. I just choose to not vote at all on those two things since i didn't know anything about the candidates at all, but i don't feel particularly guilty about it since i don't have any children or any (much) younger siblings who could be affected, and since i'm going to be not here in this district very soon anyways :)
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