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05 November 2005 @ 07:54 pm
I hate sleep  
I had time to kill after work on friday as usual since i didn't want to deal with traffic heading home. Neonelephant decided to go to Red Brick with me to have dinner since he had nothing better to do and we spent awhile discussing video games and SF/Fantasy novels.

I started feeling kinda tired about 9 so i headed home. Traffic was pretty decent at that point and got home about 10. I stayed up till midnight so i could listen to "You've Found a Secret" (the video game music program on the local college radio station) and then crashed sometime between then and 1 i think.

I got up a little aftert 10, so eight or nine hours of sleep. However about noon i started feeling tired again. I went and lay down in bed and played some Advance Wars DS and finished up my current book ("Between the Strokes of Night") but fell asleep somewhere around 1 and didn't wake up again till past 5, at which point the sun was already setting.

I seem to have this self destructive urge to stay up late at night but then get depressed when i sleep away the majority of the daylight hours. Of course in this case i didn't even get the advantage of staying up late, i just slept a damn lot =P Stupid winter. Like the cool weather. Like the (very occasional) snow when i'm at home. Don't like the sun being gone by the time i wake up =P
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed