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Holy shit, _that_ was unexpected.

I've got one of those things that takes audio signal and broadcasts it on a low-powered FM radio band so you can listen to whatever it is in your car, which i use to listen to audio books. It has four channels it can broadcast to and i've gotten used to having to switch channels as i drive and the radio reception changes. It's odd because you'd expect there to be interference mainly when the radiobroadcast you're trying to play over is strong, but just as often it happens when the radio broadcast is weak and there's lots of static.

In any case i went over to thegreatgonz's place to watch Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2 with him and was listening to Storm of Swords on the way home. When i got to the 57/60 interchange the signal started getting fuzzy so i paused the mp3 player so i could switch stations on the box.

And then stopped in amazement because the radio station i'd been overriding was getting a good signal and was playing something from _Super_Mario_Brothers_!!!!! It then progressed through about four or five themes from various Mario games. Then the DJ came on and said they'd just played some Mario songs (duh) and prior to that had been some Parasite Eve songs. He said they were doing halloween type songs and now they were going to do a couple songs from Shin Megami Tensei.

I got home halfway through those and actually turned my stereo on to see what they did next. Unfortunatly at midnight they switched over to some electronica stuff without any closing statement from the DJ, so i have no idea if they always to VG stuff friday nights or if that was special for halloween or what.

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