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Tales of Symphonia

Why does the mere mention of a tower that reaches t the heavens fill me with dread?

Oh yeah, cause this is a Tales game :) Still, it seems to be a plot required tower, so there's no way it can be as insane as the bonus tower in Tales of Destiny, right? :)

So far far i like Lloyd (the main character.) He seems to be a bit of an airhead, but he's got a fairly positive and down to earth attitude (is that a contradiction in terms? :) When one of the other characters finds out something supposedly surprising about their past his first response when he discusses it with that character is that it doesn't in any way change the person who they are now. There was some book i read recently (or maybe a movie?) in which one of the characters was having identity issues and it took way too long for someone to suggest the exact same thing to them, so i was impressed with Lloyd immediatly getting to that point. Of course i wonder how well he'll apply the advice when and if it applies to himself as well :)

Hard is hard =P

I've run into a mid-boss that i just can not defeat on hard. I've tried at least five or six times. I only have two characters for the battle and neither of them can cast heal spells =P It seems possible that i could _theoretically_ defeat it if i practice long enough because its attacks are somewhat predictable, but i'm not sure if i can actually get that skillful at it :)

On the plus side it turns out that you _can_ change the difficulty setting in the middle of the game, and that boss was pretty simple to beat on normal, at least after getting all that practice on hard :) Not sure how much longer i want to keep banging my head against the hard version for this fight.

While skimming through one of the FAQs for something else i stumbled across how the New Game+ works. Apparently at some point in the game you start accumulating a special currency called "Grade." When you finish the game you can use grade to buy bonuses for the next game. The really cheap ones (about 10 or 20 each) are keeping various score things, your collector's book, how many times you've cast each spell, the figurines you've made, the stuff you've cooked, etc. Then there's the actually _important_ stuff, which costs about 1000 each, your titles (job/class/whatever) the spells themselves, your gold, your upgrade gem things. And then there's a few other random things, including, if you want a challenge, 1/2 exp for 10, or if you want to make things easy on yourself, 2x exp for 1000 or 10x exp for 3000.

So how much effort do i want to put in on getting through hard now starting from nothing when i can play the game a second time and try to get through Mania with the 10x exp bonus and all my titles from the start? :)

Okay, it seems that on hard the boss has 7500 HP. His normal attacks do about 80-90 damage each to Lloyd (currently at a 509 HP max.)

On easy it has 5000 HP, and its attacks seem to do 45-60 damage to me. My own attacks seem to do about the same amount of damage so it seems like it shouldn't make _that_ big of a difference, but it really does.

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