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23 October 2005 @ 06:57 pm
It seems to be a make lots of short stupid posts weekend =P

About the only productive thing i've done today is laundry. Went to the Indian place in the village for dinner, then on a random impulse i went into Rhino Records. On more random impulses i decided to get Tori Amos' "Little Earthquakes," Barenaked Ladies' "Maroon," (both of which i thought i had copies of, but they were either Morna's or i lost them) Garbage's "Version 2.0" and KMFDM's "ATTAK." Then i broke my promise to myself and went and got green tea ice cream =P

Yeah, things are a pretty poor substituton for what i really want, but at least things i can just go out and buy given that i have at least a somewhat adequate surplus of money.