DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I don't know if this was a meme originally, but i'm stealing the idea from sithjawa and modifying it somewhat.

I'm an incredibly curious person and have to refrain myself from asking people way too many questions. So partly as recompense for all the questions i do ask, and partly just cause i'm curious what the response well be, i'm making a limited time offer of "ask me any question you like."

I don't promise to answer every question, but i promise that if i do answer i'll answer truthfully, and more importantly i promise not to hold anyone accountable for any questions they ask, no matter how personal or how stupid the questions :)

I've turned on screening so no one else will see what questions are asked, and i've disabled IP tracking for anyone who wants to ask anonymously, however depending on the question that greatly reduces your chances of getting an answer since i would have to answer the question publicly in LJ.


(Hmm, i _thought_ there was a way to diable IP tracking for just one post, but if there is i can't figure it out, so i've temporarily turned it off for my whole LJ =P)

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