DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Did nothing interesting friday night =/

Saturday went to madduckdes' beach party, which was lots of fun. It was supposed to start at 5 but i got going a little late was going to get there about 6 or 6:15, but then i got a call from the people already there because they were running low on wood and wanted me to get some and some lighter fluid. I drove around for a bit looking for a store, tried an Albertson's first but they didn't have any, then tried a Ralph's which did. Got three bundles of wood and a can of lighter fluid and headed back to the beach.

There was much cooking of hot dogs and hamburgers and smores, talking to people, playing with the fire (i'm not sure if there was any purpose behind the request to get lighter fluid other than so that people could use it for tossing into the fire and dipping things in, =) setting things on fire (including a tennis ball, which was really cool,) tossing things into the fire and then playing with them, and going down to the ocean to look at the pretty phosphorescent waves, which was just about the only thing that didn't involve fire :)

Needless to say that by the time we finished up and headed home i smelled like smoke =P It's interesting that smelling like smoke seems to remind me mainly of two things, camping, and power outages.

Sunday did pretty much nothing. No one wanted to hang out with me so i just sat around home reading "The Protector's War" and playing Advance Wars DS *pouts* :)

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