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Ack! It's almost the weekend! I should at least do a quick recap of the last week before i get even further behind :)

Saturday: Hanging out

Morna and i were going to go see a movie on Saturday, but she wasn't feeling too well so we just hung out instead. We went to a downtownish/mall are of Pasadena (on Lake) and wandered about to various places. We got a coffee drink thing and went to Border's and i checked out the new books shelves. I was slightly surprised to see that the new Robin Hobb book was out even though i knew it was coming out sometime around now. I was also slightly annoyed to see that S.M. Stirling's new book _wasn't_ on the shelves. We went upstairs and i found that there were four copies of it in the SF section, so i stole two copies and stuck them on the new books shelf downstairs :)

I also got a copy of "Weapons of Choice" because the people on the Stirling list were talking about it a lot a month or two back. I also got a copy of Soul Caliber 2 for GameCube that was on sale for $10 :)

Sunday: Firefly

Went down to Irvine sunday afternoon to watch disk 3 of Firefly with 2goud4u thegreatgonz madduckdes istgut and a friend of theirs. One more disk to go and two weeks to watch it in.

Monday: Wumpskate

Stayed a little late at work, went out to get coffee afterwards, and arrived at Wumpskate about 9:30. The music wasn't quite as good this time, i think they had a guest DJ for half the time or something. On the plus side it meant i was able to go rest quite a bit more than usual so i didn't get anywhere near as sore as normal. About halfway through the night they cleared us off the rink so some group could do a performance of the first act of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, so i got even more of a rest. Did more skating after that and barely felt sore at all by the end of the night. (Although my legs ended up feeling rather sore on wednesday for some reason.)

Obviously the clothing at Wumpskate is less risque than at Dungeon since it's both an all-ages venue and because people don't want to kill themselves while skating, but i think it gives Dungeon a run for its money in terms of number of cute girls there, and possibly even exceeds it :)

Drove home and stopped by Del Taco to get a snack, got home about 2, went to bed at 3ish, and was very tired when i got up in the morning of course =P

Wednesday: Cool stuff!

When i got home from work wednesday night i found a package from SFBC on my doorstep! With "The Protector's War" inside! Yayayayay! *bounce*

Even more exciting, in the afternoon i got an IM message form Morna telling me to go check out a mailing list that was mentioned in the Firefly LJ group. It turns out that they had tickets available to go to the premiere Serenity at Universal Citywalk!! I added my name to the list of people who wanted to go, not expecting much since i was such a new member to the list. But although they haven't gotten official confirmation yet they ended up with just a few less people than the number of tickets Universal originally told them were available! So i hopefully get to go! *bounce bounce* *knock on wood* It would be a _little_ more exciting if there hadn't already been a couple dozen "special" showings, but still, *bounce!* :)

Of course i'm still interested in going again on opening night on the 30th or sometime that weekend with anyone else who wants to go :)

And in an interesting note, i just got the following email notfication from SFBC:

"Get ready to read -- because the item(s) that you ordered is on its way
from Science Fiction Book Cl! On SEPTEMBER 15,2005 we shipped the
THE SUNDERING (2-IN-1)by Jacqueline CareyBook Hardcover
THE PROTECTOR'S WARby S.M. StirlingBook Hardcover"

This would be the SFBC box that showed up on Wednesday, the 14th :)

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