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I'm so far behind in everything. Behind on LJ posts, behind on responding to comments, behind on email. Can't figure out where all my free time is going =P

Well okay, some of it is going to Advance Wars DS and some is going to books. (Just finished up the omnibus of Bujold's "Shards of Honor" and "Barrayar," and started Lynn Flewelling's "The Bone Doll's Twin," and just ordered Stirling's "The Protector's War" from SFBC and got the express delivery, so it should be here early next week) However that can't be _all_ of it i don't think. Well and going to watch Firefly with madduckdes and istgut on wednesday probably also ate up some time, but it was worth it :)

Anyways, going to Dungeon with people tonight, but tomorrow i really ought to try catching up on things.

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