DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Argh, i'm getting behind again

This weekend:

Went into work for part of it, cause i'm silly. On the plus side i have a significant amount of OT saved up now.

Went looking around for computer stuff on saturday. Looked at the computer store at the mall and wrote down some prices but didn't really decide on anything. Went to Best Buy and Costco looking for a flash drive. Instead i ended up getting a Western Digital 80 gig external harddrive. It was $170 at Costco, when i checked Best Buy's website they had it for $180 or $190 and the list prices was two hundred something. Of course there were other larger external hard drives i could have gotten, but this one doesn't require any power source other than the USB cable, so i thought it made a nice compromise between the bulkier 160 gig hard drives i could have gotten for the same price and the 1 gig flash drives i was looking at for $80-$100.

On sunday went to a Labor Day BBQ/party/whatevet thing which was lots of fun. Found out there's going to be a group trip to dungeon this weekend, yay!

Monday went to madduckdes and istgut's place to watch Firefly with them and 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz. Yay! More fun! :)

Last weekend:

Last weekend was fairly similar. Did nothing on saturday, spent sunday afternoon hanging out with morna. We were going to go to a movie but we got off to a late start and just ended up window shopping at the mall. Then had dinner with her and bricriu then drove down to madduckdes and istgut's place to watch Firefly.

Oh! And i have a cool new game now! Advance Wars DS! *purrrs*

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