DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Went in to work yesterday to make up some time and try to fix a stupid annoying bug. Then my bug fix developed a bug. COM insists on losing the last 95% of the data i'm trying to send before it gets to the server. I hate COM =P

Today's plan: Do laundry. Hang out with Morna. Maybe go to Bat's Day at Disneyland. (Remember back in the day when everyone had websites cluttered with tons of images, anoying flashing graphics and eye burning neon colors? It seems like only yesterday, or maybe today =P) Maybe watch some Firefly.

The Bat's Day bit is kind of iffy since it would be rather expensive for how short a time i'd be there, and i don't actually know anyone else who's going so it might be rather depressing.
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