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Well that was freakin weird. Cool, but weird.

I stayed a little late at work downloading and watching AMVs, and ended up getting to test out my alarm code. It works. I can stay really late or come in and work on weekends if necessary. Woohoo =P

On the way home i decided i should stop by the store to use the ATM and get some food. Actually got fairly healthy stuff this time, go me.

At the checkout counter i ended up in the line with the somewhat gothy girl who i've seen there several times before. She did the usual hi and how are you doing thing. I gave something like my usual akward "i don't really know how to talk to strangers" answers. Then she looked at me and asked if i was on MySpace. I had a complete mental disconect for a second or two before saying that yes, i was. She said she'd thought she'd seen me my picture on there. I told her i had a profile but that i don't check it very often because it crashes netscape so often, and she said she'd heard about that.

Strange strange strange

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