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It's kinda depressing to find a new and interesting author and then find out they just died a couple years ago. Especially of something stupid like a brain tumor in their sixties =/

In happier author news, "The Protector's War" is out in about two weeks, and S.M. Stirling says he's _almost_ done with "A Meeting at Corvalis." And once TPW is out he's going to start putting sample chapters for Lords of Creation online :)

Joane Bertin is working on a third book. Yayayayay! Vernor Vinge is _still_ working on Rianbow's End =P

Robin Hobb has a new book coming out soon! Not sure if i should get too excited about it though, reminds me of Caithris =/

"A Feast For Crows" is supposed to be out on November 8th according to Amazon. And i'll believe that when i'm actually holding the book in my hands :)

So anyways, in some manner that i can't remember this perusal of author information was brought about by my decision to go by Border's tonight to pick up Kim Harrison's "The Good, The Bad and the Undead." While i was there i also got two Lynn Flewelling books, "The Bone Doll's Twin" and "Hidden Warrior." I don't know if i mentioned it already but Lynn Flewelling is my current new most favorite author, everyone should read her stuff :) (Especially people who like Robin Hobb and/or yaoi fiction.)

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