DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Got up about noon on saturday and spent a couple hours looking at apartments online. Was vaguely thinking about actually driving out to places but then i got a call from Morna asking if i wanted to hang out, so i went out to Pasadena instead :)

Morna had found a second-run/arthouse movie theatre that was showing Howl's Moving Castle, which i still hadn't managed to see yet, so we went to see that.

It was pretty good of course, it is a miyazaki movie after all :) The dubbing that Disney did was reasonably good too, though i'll still want to see it with subtitles once the DVD comes out of course.

I was a little surprised by how bishounen Howl was. He almost looked like he'd wandered in from some other anime. :)

It wasn't entirely clear what was undoing the curse form time to time. Clearly it had something to do with the fifth element but the exact details weren't clear. Presumably it was permenately broken at the end of the movie, though again exactly why wasn't entirely clear. If they ever break up will she become cursed again? And why did her hair get fixed sometimes and not others?

Speaking of which, exactly when did Howl figure out the curse? Calcifer could see it right away, and Howl noticed other curses when first introduced to them. He didn't seem particularly surprised the first time he saw her asleep.

The ending seemed a little too pat and rushed. I'd like to make a pun about deus ex machina, but i'm not sure what the latin term for scarecrow is :)

Oh, and i appreciated the crack about true love at the end :)

Spent a little more time hanging out after the movie and then came home and did pretty much nothing for the rest of the day =P Had dinner at in-n-out, played some Rot3K10, read a lot.

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