DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

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Yes, i'm silly

Hey! Once we get that genetic engineering thing licked, we should make it so that humans can metabolize lead and work it into the structure of their skin. You'd kill two birds with one stone, no more lead poisoning and no more potential damage from random forms of radiation like cell phones :) It might make space travel a bit safer too.

Hmmm, i suppose medical professionals would have a bit of a problem with x-rays and such. I guess they could do a quick test to see what your lead content was for the day and then pump up the power of the x-ray proportionally.

Of course either they'd have to figure out a way to incorporate the lead into the cells without changing the color, or we'd all have to get used to being grey. Although maybe that would kill a third bird as well and eliminate some racial issues :)
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