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Wheee! Wumpskate!

Last night was Drag themed. No i didn't dress up, not only do i not have anything appropriate for that trying to skate in a skirt seems like a rather dangerous proposition to me, although several people were trying it. (And on the off chance anyone is interested, next month is Pirate themed)

Overall the music selection wasn't quite as good as normal, but they did play lots of my favorites mixed in with the stuff i didn't like as much. And lots of cute girls as normal of course :) I got there about 10:15 and stayed till they closed at 12:50. Unfortunatly me left thigh started getting sore within the first thirty minutes and got progressively more sore for the rest of the night. I'm not sure if i did something to strain it, or if it was that they only switched the skating direction once the entire night, and that was for just ten minutes =P I probably looked rather odd rubbing the tendon (or ligament, or whatever that is) right next to my crotch during the few breaks i took =P It feels a lot better today, though still twinges a little when traversing stairs and such.

I really need to get a new pair of rollerblades at some point. Probably after getting a new apartment and a new computer. I'd love to get another pair of metro blades but i don't think they've made those in quite awhile. Whatever i get though it needs to have at least two straps. One strap just doesn't provide any stability against twisting motion.

Anyways, yeah, lots of fun, even if i was sore and tired by the end.

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