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Moving (or not)

I paid rent on monday and did _not_ give one month notice. So the earliest i could move out without incurring a significant cost would be sometime in September. (Although i should check to see if i can give one month notice at any point in the middle of the month.)

I decided i should start packing the stuff in my apartment up, with three reasons for doing so. Starting a task is good motivation to keep on doing it. As the apartment starts becoming more barren it might actually motivate me to do a better (or rather, _any_) job on the new apartment hunt. And finally, if i start now then the task won't be _quite_ as horrendous when i finally do get around to moving.

I packed one box monday morning, zero boxes tuesday morning, two boxes wednesday morning and zero boxes this morning. And this was just tossing books from the shelves into boxes, the easiest packing job in the history of putting things in boxes. At this rate it will take another week to finish packing up all my books, and at least four or five months to pack up the entire apartment =P Obviously at some point i need to speed the process up.

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