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What the hell is up with traffic this week?

Monday night there was some truck the broke down or something and all lanes of traffic were completly stopped by the police for about five or ten minutes while they dealt with it.

This morning a truck or something dropped a load of stuff on the 710 to 405 ramp and had completly blocked so i had to wade through the mess of people coming onto the freeway merging with the people who were no longer getting off and go down to the next exit.

Tonight there was some kind of accident on... i forget where at this point, either the 710 or 91. I thought that was the accident for the commute but shortly after i got onto the 605 traffic slowed to a stop. After about twenty or thirty minutes of heavy congestion i passed a car that was stopped in one of the middle lanes with emergency blinkers on, but that wasn't the issue. After another twenty or thirty minutes of heavy traffic i got to there the real problem was. The right two or three lanes were shut down and there were several construction vehicles parked there. I wondered if they'd had the insane idea to do construction in the middle of rush hour, but then i saw several police cars, and then i saw the construction people picking up some kind of debris. I couldn't tell exactly what it was since i was more focues on driving, but it looked like large piles of crumpled up something. Either several cars got into an accident and completly disintigrated, or yet another truck had managed to dump yet another load of something or other on the freeway.

Traffic was clear after that but by the time i got home it was at least two hours since i'd left work!

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