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Went to the arcade last night and spent about $3 in less than 45 minutes. Played a lot of pseudo para-para and a little bit of DDR (the DDR machines were mostly occupied.) I _almost_ got 100% perfect on the 9 star para-para course when i first tried it, but missed one or two right at the end of Kick the Can *grrrr* And since it was right at the end my score was only an A so i didn't even get the extension =P Then did somewhat worse for the rest of the night.

It's too bad there were no clubs open that i knew of. Some real dancing would have been nice.

Got a call from Morna this morning at about 9:30 saying she wanted to hang out. So i headed over there and we went to the mall to watch a movie. We got there at 10:30 and there was no place open to eat but McDonalds =P So we got some breakfast stuff there and then went over to the theatre at 11 and found that none of the movies we wanted to see had a showing until 1. So instead we wandered around and looked at various stores. Mainly clothes places and i followed Morna around while she looked at stuff and occasionally made comments (mainly about whether i thought particular items looked cute or not of course =)) Then we went to Ikea (and got a little lost trying to find it) and got some stuff she'd been thinking about getting recently and then went back to her place and put it together and hung out for awhile before i headed home.

Not sure what to do now. Apparnetly i just missed the chance to go see a movie with some other people, clearly this is not my day for movies =P I'm wondering if i want to go to Malediction tonight or _try_ to catch up on other stuff. Of course when i say i'm going to do that i usually end up getting about as little done as if i'd gone to do whatever the fun thing was. I think i'll go take a nap now and see how i feel when i wake up. But if anyone has any fun suggestions for stuff to do feel free to give me a call :)

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