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So far i'm about 200 pages into HP6. My thoughts so far, with spoilers up to that point:

The bit about the Prime Minister was informative but not particularly interesting.

I like that Snape is once again being portrayed as being of ambiguous loyalties. He's at _least_ a tripple (or is it just double?) agent, the question is if Dumbledore knows that Voldemort knows that Dumbledore knows that Snape worked for Voldemort :)

Morna was quizing me about who i thought the Half Blood prince was. My initial guesses were Harry, Hagrid and Draco. Clearly at this point the book is trying to hint at Voldemort. (Just got past the part with Harry and Dumbledore viewing the memories about Voldemort's mother.) However that seems a bit too obvious, and the book from Voldemort idea has already been used as has already been pointed out in the book. (How's that for recursive?) Of course maybe it's trying to fool us into thinking it's not Voldemort by showing us how obvious that would be :) It could be Dumbledore, but that would also be rather obvious. If the half blooded part refers to wizardry (which is only a maybe at this point) it can't be Neville or Ron. The only other likely candidate i can come up with at this point is Snape. After all, the half blood prince seems to be very good at potions, and we know nothing about Snape's parentage as far as i know. It might help explain why Snape is so trusted by Voldemort. If most of the other Death Eaters are like Draco he must get tired of them talking about how worthless mudbloods and halfbloods are all the time =P Of course that makes you wonder why Dumbledore and co don't advertise Voldemort's parentage as loudly as possible. And finally, Hermoine was talking about how the half blood prince could be female, and how the handwriting looked like a girl's, and i'm sure the fanfic writers would love that :)

Speaking of such things, there's still the question of who (if anyone) Harry is going to end up with. How old is Tonks(?) anyways? She seems kinda cute :)

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