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I managed to run into just about everyone possible at dungeon saturday night _except_ girl A.

I got woken up by something or other around 10ish and spent awhile playing Rot3K10. Then i got a call from my sister asking if i wanted to go see a movie with them that afternoon/evening. I said yes and after consulting what was available where we decided to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Block at Orange at about 4:30.

I decided to give girl A a call to see what she was up to this weekend before i headed off. I asked her if she had any plans for clubbing this weekend and she said no, so i suggested that maybe we could make plans for that next weekend, and she said sure. I went and took a shower and just as i got out i got a call back from her saying that she and some friends might be going to bar sin or dungeon tonight. I told her that i might be able to make it out there depending on how late i spent hanging out with my sister and brother-in-law and said she should leave me a voice message if she figured out for sure where she was going.

So i drove down to the block and got slightly lost because they were doing construction on the 22 and the signs were all mesed up. I ended up gettting to the movie theatre about 4:40 or 4:45, but it was okay because 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz had also been running late and had just gotten there.

So the movie. It's pretty cool, though i'm not sure what i think about the bits about Wonka's history and the stuff at the end which they added. The changing styles of the ompa lompa songs were amusing but not quite as compelling as the ones in the old movie. These ompa lompas certainly weren't as disturbing as the old ones and i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

So afterwards we wandered around for a bit trying to decide where to eat and ended up at Pasta Bravo. We decided to head back to their apartment after that and watch something there, so we split up to take our respective cars back. I stopped at Jamba Juice to get a drink for desert and checked my cellphone, which had buzzed at me once during the movie. It said i had a voice mail from iyindo, but when i tried to check it i got about second of silence and then it said "message deleted" all by itself without me pressing any buttons. I tried calling her back and she said she and axo were planning on going to dungeon that evening and wanted to know what i was up to. I told them that i was hanging out with my sister but could probably make it there later on.

So drove down to 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz's apartment and thegreatgonz and i sat around talking for awhile while my sister installed an illegal armrest in her car :) Then we decided to watch Clue since i wanted to head out sometime between 10:30 and 11. I hadn't seen Clue in a long time and was happy that it was just as good as i thought i remembered it being. I do want to go through it again sometime and take notes though to see which of the three endings actually fits the facts the best.

After discussing the endings a little bit i changed into my clubbing clothes and headed off to dungeon. While i was on my way there i got another call from iyindo letting me know that they had just gotten there. I arrived about midnight and was going to look around for iyindo and axo, but they were playing a good song downstairs, so i figured i could start out by checking the dance floor :) Then they played a second good song, and then i happened to notice ceph walking by. So i went over and said hi to her. She asked who i was meeting there and i said definitely iyindo and maybe girl A, and she said i should introduce them if/when i found them. She didn't seem to have much else to say to me so i went back to dancing and during the next song i happened to notice iyindo and axo, so i went over to them and got a hug from iyindo and danced with them till the end of the song.

Afterwards i took them over to ceph, who was with her boy now, and introduced everybody to each other. Axo wanted some water so we headed upstairs where we found prizmdonna, so i did some more introductions. We stood around talking for five or so minutes and then iyinido and axo and i headed back downstairs to dance some more.

Yay having people to dance with! :) We spent another fifteen or twenty minutes dancing before they decided they had to head out. I got another hug from iyindo before she left and then wandered about to see if the others were still around but couldn't find them anywhere. I kept an eye out for girl A as well but didn't see her either. I went back to dancing for most of the rest of the night and then hung around outside afterwards. I saw a couple of girl A's friends who i'd met last time but didn't see her. I don't know if she didn't end up going, ii f somehow kept missing her the entire night, or if she went to Bar Sin with a different set of friends.

Did pretty much absolutly nothing on Sunday =/ No one was interested in hanging out, couldn't come up with anything fun to do on my own, and got very little actually productive done =P

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