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Anime Expo and Comic Con: Lists and Reviews

Comic Con:

Bought at Comic Con:

A new plushie ctuhulu

Strangers in Paradise collection 1 (signed)

Girl Genius collections 1-3 (signed)

Happy Tree Friends DVD1 :)

PvP collections 1 and 2 and the Dork Ages

Exalted #0 (signed)

and for free i got a small transformer and a small metal Zelda: Twilight Princess disk :)

Anime Expo:

Anime at Anime Expo:

Kodocha eps 3-4:

Synopsis: Seems to be about the life of a child actor. And her friends (and enemies) at school. And her mom who wears strange hats. And some guy. The kid is stuck up and obsessed with her tv career and convinced she's completly proficient at anything she's ever acted at. Exactly the kind of person you'd want to throtle in real life, but she manages to be over the top enough to just be funny.

I hadn't ever seen any of this before except for bits in AMVs, but it was pretty much as i expected, very fun and silly. I'd like to see more of it.

Kyo Kara Maoh eps 4-5:

Synopsis: A teen boy accidently gets flushed down a toilet and is transported to a magical world where he finds he is the heir to the throne of the demon kingdom, apparnetly because his dad is a demon who went to earth and married a woman there. I'm not sure what exactly makes him and the others demons. So far it seems that he has weird color eyes (though i couldn't tell) and at one point he summoned a trash golem. Did i mention it's very silly? You may have picked that up with the toilet part. It also seems somewhat yaoi oriented. At one point they get captured by a group of (male) pirates who are all wearing sailor suits. Ha ha, how punny. And slightly disturbing. There's also some character who i _think_ is a guy who gets jealous whenever the main character does anything with anyone, male or female.

Strange and silly, which are plusses, but nothing really made it stand out. I'd watch some more if someone else wanted to watch it with me, but certainly wouldn't seek it out.

Gunslinger Girl eps 1-2:

Synopsis: Someone has finally come up with a good and somewhat believeable reason why a secret military-ish organization would recruit young children to fill its ranks. Because they're easier to brainwash. It's about a secret agency that goes around adopting young orphans who have just undergone traumatic experiences. All female, whether there's any particular reason for this wasn't explained. They then give the girls all kinds of cybernetic(?) upgrades, condition them to obey orders and train them as assassins. Needless to say it's rather disturbing. The focus seems to be on one of the girls and her handler, who seems to have gotten emotionally attached to her and wants to keep her at a light level of conditioning despite the problems she keeps experiencing.

Like i said, it's somewhat disturbing, but i'd be willing to watch more of it.

Please Twins eps 1-2:

Synopsis: Three children were abandoned as very young children with nothing but a picture of a house with two children in a pool in front of it. Each of them tracks down the house and is suprised to find two others with the same photo, and they try to figure out which two of them are actually related and who's the stranger.

Interesting, though a little too much fan service.

His and Her Circumstances eps 5-6:

Synopsis: About a girl who just started high school who has striven throughout her school career to be #1 at everything because she likes the attention. Now that she's in high school there's a guy who seems equally perfectionist and actually manages to out score her on a test...

Seen this before. Want more! :)

Ai Yori Aoshi Enshi:

Synopsis: Seems a pretty typical "guy ends up living with lots of girls who all develop a romantic interest in him" type anime. Seems very similar to Love Hina though it's apparently a different series.


FLCL eps 1-4

Synopsis: A kid lives in a town where some weird company recently build a huge mysterious factory. The he gets run over by a girl on a scooter and things start coming out of his head...

Wow, this is amazingly silly and pretty cool. Though one or two of the episodes were kind of disturbing.

Mars Daybreak ep 3:

Synopsis: Apparently Mars became a water world at some point. It used to be a rich world when there was some interstellar war going on, but now that the war is over no one wants to buy their water and a depression is going on. There are underwater pirates. There's a military squad sent to stop the pirates. There are underwater mecha. The hero has some weird necklace that mysteriously summons a super-powered mecha. Blah.

Nothing particularly gripping in the episode i saw. I'd be willing to watch more though i guess.

Burst Angel ep 1:

Group of female mercenaries uses mecha to hunt down berserk robots. Or at least that's what they did in the first episode. There was some guy who somehow gut sucked into the situation and will presumably end up a member of the group in later episodes.

Seemed pretty blah. Again, could watch more if someone else convinced me to.

GTO: The Movie (Live Action):

Synopsis: Some unorthodox teacher shows up at some school. Then i left to go watch some Fruits Basket :)

Fruits Basket eps 6-7:

Synopsis: About a girl who ends up living with members of a secretive clan whose members turn into animals from the zodiac when they're hugged by someone of the opposite sex.

I've seen this before. It's fun. Must get more :) Reminds me of Caithris a little though =/

Someday's Dreamers eps 1-2:

Synopsis: Modern day world, but magic exists and there's a government office that trains and licenses mages. Story follows a your girl who just moved to the city to start her training. However if mages are as powerfull as it seems from the first few episodes one has to wonder why they're licensed public servants rather than ruling the world =P

Seemed interesting, would like to see some more.

They also showed a few short episodes of things between the main showings:

Risky Safety: There's a girl, and a little devil who tries to depress her who turns into a little angel who tries to cheer her up. That's about all i could figure out from the five or ten minute episode they showed.

Cromartie High: Very strange. Strange art style. It's about a group of students at school, one of whom is a robot. On;y two of his fellow students seem to realize he's nor normal, and all two or three short episodes i saw involved them wondering if anyone else was going to ask what was up with him.

Bought at Anime Expo:

The cat ears of course :)

The first season set of Marmelade Boy (for $40 =)

Four other DVDs; Rah Xephon disk 3, Steam Detectives disks 2 and 3, Neo Ranga (all for $10 each)

FIve manga; Kare Kano 1, .hack 1, FLCL 1, Fruits Basket 1, Tokyo Babylon 1

Vincent dog tag

Four cute gothy postcards

think that's it

Costumes at Anime Expo:

The simplest costume had to be the guy crawling around in a cardboard box, though i think i've seen that one before :) And although they didn't seem to be associated, there was also a matching guy in an army uniform with a large exclamation point over his head :)

Almost as simple was the guy in the hardhat with blue makeup making a river of tears down his face, almost certainly that construction worker guy from Excel Saga :)

Lots of Naruto people as i mentioned, and a fair number of Fullmetal Alchemist people judging by the group picture though i wasn't as good as recognizing those costumes.

While i was sitting around outside i saw a kid dressed as the guy in FLCL run into a guy dressed as the eyebrow guy, and the stopped and posed together while the kid's mom took some pictures of them.

Saw one or two cute girls dressed up as either Vincent or Hellsing, it was hard to say since i mostly just saw the long black hair and red coats from the back.

There was a cute girl dressed up as Ed from Cowboy Bebop.

There were a couple girls dressed up as Rinoa. Blah, FF8 =P

There were two people dressed up as the Bananas in Pajamas, and then later on someone dressed up as a cyborg banana, which if it had any particular source i don't know what it was.

And last but certainly not least was the guy dressed up as the Prince from Katamari, which was really cool :)

Okay, that's all i can remember for the moment.
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