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Comic Con: The short version

Drove down. Spent far too much time parking. Bought lots of stuff. Saw lots of things. Saw millions of cute geeky girls. Well okay, dozens or hundreds at least. Saw some costumes though not too many since things were winding down. Took a couple pictures of random things.

Went by Square Enix booth and saw trailers. The new Tifa kicks fucking ass! *purrrr* She also seems to have a somewhat more reasonable chest size, which is also nice. Vincent is cool. Other than that Advent Children looks like a cross between a video game FMV (duh) and a wire work kung fu movie. As long as you don't expect more than that it looks like it may be pretty cool.

Oh, and the main character in Dragon Quest 8 turns into Goku when he gets excited. This isn't _that_ surprising though since as usual the character design was by Akira Toriyama :)

Had dinner with a couple of SD friends afterwards. Drove home.

Okay, i got about 2.5 hours of sleep last night, i should go to bed now.
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